Truck Battery Dying+Cell Phone Dying=Panic Mode

So I'm driving to school, halfway there, and all of the sudden the red battery light comes on. I'm going all O_O because the radio got staticy and all my gages in the truck died too. No clue how fast I'm going, no clue how much gas is left. Nothing. I'm in the left lane so there's nowhere I can quickly turn off, but I remember what happened when the low gas light went on. It's just a warning you're running low, not that your truck is about to die.

So I decide I can make it to school and have my mom come pick me up when class gets out. That's about the time she leaves for work anyway. So I call her from the truck, but I get this message saying that my phone wont work because I haven't added money in 90 days, even though I added money LAST FUCKING NIGHT. So I get to school and decide to just use my credit card to top up, but I don't remember what the stupid access code is. -_- Thankfully, my class is right next to the Media Arts office, so I ask if I can use their phone to call my mom. I was finally able to do that, so I went to class.

So my mom is there waiting for me and she says "Hmm, it might be the alternator because the gages died too.". So I get nervous about driving it home after the free auto service at school charges my truck up. (my truck actually started when my mom tried it, but I turned it off while I waited for her to pay for parking and it didn't start up again when she got back. ;;^^) But since it died when I restarted it I followed her straight to the auto shop, which turned out to be a very good thing... seems it wasn't just the battery that died, but the alternator as well. Thankfully they can get it fixed and have it ready by 9am tomorrow, so it was a good thing we drove it there instead of coming home and seeing what happened tomorrow.

I leave for school at about 8:20, so I'll just drop my mom off at the auto place and she'll take my truck in to work when it's done. Her boss is really cool about emergencies so her coming in a few hours late is no big deal. I took the parking permit from my truck and I'll tape it on my mom's car so I can get into the parking garage tomorrow. You're not supposed to do that, but since I was driving around with an old permit for a few months without being caught, I don't think this will be a problem. :p

Rocket-Dan: The Origin of Love and Youth's 7th Anniversary is coming soon!

I keep spamming up Twitter/Facebook with this, so I'll try to get it all out of my system here.

So I was seeing if anyone had posted on the Rocketshipper Forum lately, and noticed there was an alert that something was happening within 10 days. As it turns out, on September 30th not only do we get the third episode of Best Wishes, but it's also the anniversary of everyone's favorite side story! :D Hooray for keeping track of dates of important Rocketshippy episodes!

So now I'm all excited for that. Junki isn't writing the episode like I first thought, (which would have made it so epic) but Sonoda's return to the regular might just be worth our while. Turns out he wrote the 5th anniversary of Guardie and Kojiro episode (Yamirami AG)! And since the Hoso was referenced three times in DP (DP092, DP117, whatever number that Potchama falls in love with Marill episode is) I'd say our chances of something are pretty good. I'm not even asking for something shippy to happen, just a reference similar to those three. With so much Rocket-Dan love from the writers, that's not too much to ask, right?

Going into unrealistic speculation mode for a bit, this would be the perfect time to throw in a Rocketshipping reference. In the first two episodes we established the plot, who all these characters were, the new Pokemon... it's time to get a bit more specific about just who all these people are. Satoshi and Iris got covered fairly well, but for obvious reasons the Rockets were only barely touched on. We know they're bad guys who want to capture Pokemon and are in the process of capturing their own since pre Gen 5 Pokemon are not allowed, but just who are these guys really? They're badass villains at the moment, but we really didn't get to see their individual personalities. The subs might prove me wrong, but looking at this from the perspective of a kid who had never seen Pokemon before, here's how they came across to me:

Musashi - Since her name is first I guess she's in charge, but i also could've believed Kojiro was. She used to have a bunch of Pokemon, but can't use them anymore. It was cool how she somehow caught that Koromori by herself, and I thought it was funny how she didn't know its name in battle. But that Pokemon really kicked butt when it fought! I would've been happy with it too.

Kojiro - I wondered if he might be the leader, but I guess he and Musashi are just equal partners. That was cool how they both kinda shared the leadership. He didn't get to catch any Pokemon, so I was even more curious what Pokemon he used to own. Hope they explain that. They both seem like cool badass villains. Can't wait to see what they do next.

Nyasu - A talking Pokemon! Cool! I hope that gets explained eventually. He's not a very good fighter, but I guess he's the brains of the group based on the motto (so awesome!) and the fact he can talk.

So I'd say now is a good time to build on the first two episodes and expand on their characters, or at least let Kojiro capture a Pokemon (Megaruko would be awesome). Making the third episode a repeat of episode two with them just plotting to capture Pikachu would be a big mistake. We need to get kids hooked on the characters while they're still fresh, new and exciting.

So I guess the point of all this rambling is that now's the perfect time to lightly hint at Rocketshipping. Fearhugs and the like are out of the question at the moment, so some type of dialogue related hint would fit perfectly. I know references to the past will be frowned upon in this series, but a throwaway line like "This reminds me of Rocket training camp." (which is exactly what the Potchama episode was, no visuals) wouldn't hurt anyone.

So where is all this traffic coming from anyway? Part 2

It's been a week since my bandwidth reset and it looks like I'm finally ready to reopen. As you'll see, traffic has actually gone down from last week.

33 unique users visited my site last week, compared to the 43 I reported last week (A few of them still being me). Here's the traffic breakdown:

Direct / Bookmark 16 −24%
Links 10 −9%
Searches 5 −29%
Social media 2 −60%

Specific places people are comiing from: 7 −22% 1 0% 1 0% 1 0% 1 0% 1 0%

The two webs links being me. I'm also amused by that outdated google link.

Here's the Top 5 pages visited:
CLOSED 40 −38%
Login 10 0%
Login 4 +300%
Login 4 −43%
Login 3 −50%

The exact addresses got cut off, but 2-4 are Kanto, Banner Archive, DP, Uniform, AG. I knew someone would be trying to look at the uniform page. (And amusingly, someone tried to register again.)

Here's the list of countries:

The United States 18 −10%
Italy 5 0%
Canada 4 +33%
The United Kingdom 3 +50%
The Netherlands 1 0%
Malaysia 1 0%
Portugal 1 0%

Malaysia and Portugal weren't there last week... Once I pay for my site again I should really look into an all time list of what countries have visited my site.

Last, but certainly not least, the search engine results:

rocketshipper's photo album freewebs 1 0%
fansite copyright infringement notice po... 1 0%
rocketshipping episode guide 1 0%
takeshi shudo blog 1 0%
rocketshipper 1 −75%

The blog is still up there, as is the big Nintendo copyright infringement fiasco. I would've been surprised if that hadn't popped up.

So as far as I can tell, there's no hot linking, or at least a severe case of it. I've used up 6.3mb of bandwidth this past week. I was very surprised to learn that just edited my site uses up bandwidth as well, so that's where some of this is coming from. I also have to wonder if a few people watched that DP055 clip I uploaded to the site. That would certainly explain the huge spike. I may just have to remove it.

I'll be reopening my site soon and we'll see what happens.

So where is all this traffic coming from anyway? Part 1

The bandwidth for my site finally reset today! Hooray! My site has been down for about a week now, and I've been looking at the information that just came in on what kind of traffic I've been getting while its been down to try and figure out how I went through 1gb of bandwidth in just a few weeks. I'll do this again before I repoen next week to get an even better picture of what's going on.

Before I begin, I'd like to say that I think the past week is a better representation of my regular site activity. The caption the screenshot thread on Bulba probably was the main culprit, as people were hotlinking those huge PNG files. And with Bulba's increase in visitors (which I'll get to in a bit)...

Another side note is that I stupidly forgot to disable registration, so two people got access to my site which may have thrown off the numbers a bit. However, that kind of traffic obviously isn't what I'm concerned about.

So first things first. The main thing everyone is wondering is, are people hotlinking my files on other sites I'm not aware of?

Short answer? I don't think so. Aside from the two people that signed up for my site and got to look at stuff before I kicked them out, it seems the majority of traffic is just people looking at the site only to see it's down. Since I'm no longer a premium member it doesn't look like I can see if anyone has been downloading specific files. I know I linked Meron two DP117 pictures yesterday, but that info doesn't seem to be on here anywhere.

43 unique users visited my site last week. (2 or 3 of them being me). If that's most likely the reduced users due to my site being down, I shutter to think (pun intended) what my regular traffic has been. I hadn't payed attention to this stuff in a long time since I'm just a Rocketshipping site. Why would I ever get a lot of users? But with some Bulba hotlinking, Shudo's blogs, a possible increase due to BW, and an increase in overall users, it seems my site might be getting a little too popular. For those of you interested in actual statistics, keep reading. Otherwise, we'll see what happens next Tuesday when I get stats that I can actually compare to bandwidth usage.

Now, here are the places where the traffic has been coming in from September 8th - September 14th. The first number on the right is the number of hits, then the increase in traffic compared to the weak before, if any.

Direct / Bookmark 20 +122%
Links 11 +999%
Searches 7 0%
Social media 5 +150%

I really wish direct and bookmark would be separated to save me some work, but oh well. Here are some more specific places where traffic is coming from: 9 0% 3 +50% 1 0% 1 0% 1 0% 1 0%

As I said above, Bulbagarden is getting an increase in visitors thanks to all the BW stuff. And along with the Rocket news it look like more and more people are checking out our Pedia page! Hooray!

I've never heard of this shirou-ashita site before, but it has me linked as a shipping site. Thanks whoever you are! :) (Must remember to link back)

The DA link is a bit surprising since I don't really go there anymore. I assume it's from the Rocketshipping group or maybe Meron since I think she linked me once.

Facebook, Twitter and Delicious are self explanatory.

Next, here are the top 5 pages (much more are listed, but this blog is tl;dr already) people are going to:
Home 64 +700%
Jouto 35 0%
Advanced Generation 10 0%
Login 9 +800%
Diamond and Pearl 8 0%

I'm very surprised Jouto is so high up there as I haven't added anything new to that in months. I really thought AG and DP would have more hits since I've been updating those pages recently. But one of the guys who got access to my site really wanted to see Jouto stuff.

And obviously, a bunch of morons are trying to log into my site. Thanks for reading the front page. -_-

Next, here is a list of countries that have visited:

The United States 19 +90%
Italy 5 0%
Brazil 4 0%
Belgium 3 0%
Canada 3 0%
The United Kingdom 2 0%
Finland 1 0%
Venezuela 1 0%
Sri Lanka 1 0%
Republic Of Korea 1 0%

Sri Lanka and Korea? Didn't see those coming.

And here's searches people have done to find my site:

rocketshipper 4 0%
roket shipper freewebs 1 0%
Takeshi Shudo blogs 1 0%
rocketshipper photoalbum 1 0%

Seems there's still some interest in Shudo's blogs.

Until next week!

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Writing Staff Countdown - #3

I wasn't planning on doing another one of these once writer information became available, however there's an interesting twist... Let's go through each confirmed writer in episode order.

Atsuhiro Tomioka - Is returning as the series constructor. Hooray! Nothing much more to say except that BW001 has a very Kanto like feel. I have a feeling we'll be comparing him to Shudo a lot.

Shinzo Fujita - Still seems to be Tomioka's right hand man as he's writing Iris' and Kibago's introduction. Nothing much to say here either.

Hideki Sonoda - Now here's where things get interesting. Mr. Sonoda hasn't written an episode since AG192. He was a very active writer during the original series, but only wrote four episodes in AG. However, he has written every movie since the 4th one (and cowrote the third one with Shudo) , so he hasn't been entirely off the staff. The one you guys would be most interested in is the Lucario movie, but I think the Zoroark movie is also of interest due to that ice cream scene in the credits. Other shippy things he's written include episode 120 and AG042 (Originally had a link to the Vullbeat and Illumise pics, but removed it due to bandwidth issues). Other episodes include the banned Safari Zone episode and the Tower of Terror, so he does write some good Rocket scenes. It's hard to get a gauge on how he'll write regular episodes, but with his track record and the rest of the writers seemingly conforming to what Tomioka wants, I think we'll get some good stuff from him.

Junki Takegami - Glad we weren't kept in suspect too long with his fate. :) I am a bit concerned about him writing the 4th episode since it's battle oriented and the third episode is a hot springs episode. You sure you didn't mix up the writers Newtype?

So it seems we're just awaiting the fates of Oohashi, Sogo and Yonemura (and possibly Matsui). I was really hoping for a new writer to appear, but if Sonoda is coming back full time and the other 3/4 writers are being brought back, I don't see how. BW being a reboot series is the perfect time to train new writers and it'll be a shame if we're just stuck with the same old people. Takegami and Oohashi might not be around much longer...

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Writing Staff Countdown - #2

Now that the staff for every remaining DP episode has been revealed, I thought I'd do another one of these while the rumor mill is still buzzing with writer speculation over on 2ch. You can see my first entry here.

Atsuhiro Tomioka - Nothing much has changed here. 2ch seems more and more convinced he's leaving, while I was starting to be convinced he was staying due to the writing staff (except Junki) coming together at the end of DP to stay consistent. Should be interesting to see what really happens with him.

He has written 35 AG episodes and a whopping 62 DP episodes.

Stay or Go? - Still has the highest chance of leaving. He has so many shows on his plate and has written so many episodes, that some on 2ch think he may be burned out on the show. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Junki Takegami - Feel the same as before. I was also correct that he got one more episode in DP.

He has written 23 AG episodes and 24 DP episodes.

Stay or Go? - Probably stay and write a reduced number of episodes. I wouldn't be surprised if this is his final series.

Yukiyoshi Oohashi - In an interesting turn of events, 2ch seems to think he'll be the one doing the series construction for BW. He was originally the one I thought would replace Tomioka due to his tenure, so it'll be interesting to see if this is true.

He has written 27 AG episodes and 26 DP episodes.

Stay or Go? - Stay. But like Junki, it wouldn't surprise me if this was his final series due to his age.

Shoji Yonemura - I finally like this guy! He really seems to have come around as of late and I wouldn't mind him sticking around.

He has written 25 AG episodes and 28 DP episodes.

Stay or Go? - Most likely stay.

Shinzo Fujita - I said before that his reaming episodes would tell us what's going on with him. He wrote only two more episodes after my original blog. They were the second episode of the GF (which I knew about at the time) and the first episode of the league. Clearly, they're both important episodes, but it doesn't really tell me anything since it just feels like Tomioka is evenly dividing up the remaining DP episode that he didn't write with the other writers.

He has written 25 AG episodes and 25 DP episodes.

Stay or Go? - Stay.

Masashi Sogo - The disconnect I talked about last time is now gone. As I said earlier, aside from Junki, all the writers now seem to be on the same page for the remainder of DP. He's still writing important episodes such as the Darkrai/League finale.

He has written 28 AG episodes and 14 DP episodes.

Stay or Go? - Most likely stay.

I'm not sure I want new writers anymore. The end of DP has been so great that I don't want anyone to come in and "mess it up". However, BW is clearly going in a different direction than DP, and we really don't need a DP 2.0. So new writers really would be best, especially since Junki and Oohashi are starting to get up there in terms of age, and we can't be sure Tomioka will stick around as even a regular writer.